Makita Launching new combi drill DHP486 – launching 2021

Makita combi drill

Makita have announced the launch of their new DHP486z flagship cordless, high torque hammer drill. This replaces the predecessor DHP481z combi drill.

Stats for the Combi drill:

  • RPM range (0 – 2,100rpm)
  • Lock torque (125Nm)
  • Size (178 x 81 x 248mm)
Makita combi drill
Makita combi drill

The new DHP486 combi drills will eventually replace the DHP481 range being DHP481Z and DHP481RTJ.

Another reason users will love this new model is the more compact size. It is 14% smaller than the DHP481z. Measuring at 178mm x 81mm x 248mm, it’s more capable of fitting into compact spaces, thanks to the optimised gearbox assembly design.

A great addition to this new machine is the feature of the XPT technology. XPT is a protective seal featured inside the drill, making it more resistant to dust and water and protecting the components inside. Because of this, people can use the drill outdoors or in harsh conditions.

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